Additional IPMI card is installed on both and firmware updated for IPMI card and NICs, and board/card jumpers set accordingly to Tyan's instructions (rtfm!). There is a small annoyance of making sure that the interface the IPMI card is using is indeed UP. Same issue with OpenBSD. Any other way the interface the system is using won't connect to the network (dhcp or otherwise) and the IPMI IP is not reachable. This is using one interface for the OS and the other for the IPMI card.
tcpdump will show network activity on the interface used by the OS, regardless of the situation.

Workaround: - if_nfeX="up" on rc.conf, for setup mentioned about where X is the IPMI interface - run the uh8l utility with your preferred settings

Serial-over-lan connects but then you can really interact in the session. There seems to be some issue with the fact the the two serial ports have consoles on them. cua0 will only do 9600, regardless of the value entered in /etc/ttys. When connecting to SOL, a session on cua0 will "freeze" until you deactivate the SOL. SOL is configured to cua1(!), physically!

Fri Sep 28 14:15:38 PDT 2007